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Urban Pinboard user interface showing community comments on a map

The platform for communication, co-design and engagement in cities.

Urban Pinboard communicates your future city. It provides an innovative way to engage and collaborate with stakeholders on projects of any scale.


Our mission is to make the city better, by making it simpler to understand and easier to talk about.

Talk directly with your stakeholders over a 3D model of your project to reduce misunderstanding and reach a better outcome faster.
A screen grab of the Urban Pinboard dashboard Icons from the Urban Pinboard dashboardA comment from a person in the community about a building development project

How does it work?

Get going quickly!

Get going quickly by simply making an account, creating a project and uploading a model.

Add Project Highlights, Images, context Layers, and Views easily to help stakeholders understand your project. Then, just press publish.

Tell your projects story

Viewers can turn on context Layers, play with the Solar tool to understand the shadows cast, as well as use the Views tool to see different angles of the project.

You curate the information that each tool shows to best tell your projects story, and stakeholders can explore at their own pace.

Talk with your stakeholders

Stakeholders can pin comments to your project and ask questions, respond to other pins, or up and down-vote other comments.

You can respond to your stakeholders and answer their questions instantly. We can help to ensure that comments are appropriate and safe.

Who uses Urban Pinboard?

Anyone can use Urban Pinboard to tell a story about their project or find out how people feel about a neighbourhood or a whole city. We can help anyone tell their story.

Government building
Local and State Governments leading strategic planning projects, assessing developments or engaging with their community use UrbanPinboard to track stakeholder input, and understand a development in context.
Urban planner at pinboard arranging a planning session
Urban Planners & Property Developers
Planners and developers use Urban Pinboard to help tell a project’s story to their stakeholders by providing wider context, important data layers and easy to use tools that everyone can use.
People in the community having a conversation
Community Groups
Community Groups use Urban Pinboard to help provide a full view on a project, by placing the mode in its real context, understanding the shadows cast by the building and seeing the project's relationship to a local place.

Everything you need to tell your story

Urban Pinboard provides lots of tools that help you and your stakeholders to deeply understand a project.

project panel icon
Project Panel

Gives you space to describe your project in detail and provide information to your stakeholders. Drop in facts and figures, or describe the purpose of your project.

Images and video icon
Images + Video

Embed images created for your project, including floor plans, renders or fly-through videos of the envisaged final product. Utilise your existing collateral and showcase the work done to date.

project highlights icon
Project Highlights

Drop icons across your project to provide more details about specific aspects of your project, such as infrastructure, community, economy or sustainability.Each icon can be clicked on to see more information about the topic that you can curate.

layers icon

Drop in different data layers to provide a richer context to your project, and demonstrate a wide understanding of the strategic intent or existing community. Users can look through layers at their own pace.

solar icon

Stakeholders can use the Solar tool to understand the impact of shadows cast by the buildings. Choose the date and time of day to understand how it changes across the day and year.

views icon

You can curate different views of the project that can turn on any combination of layers and camera angles to help your story. For stakeholders who aren't as comfortable panning around the map, this tool can help take them on the journey.

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